United in Darkness

14 Days of Mental Health Mindfulness

As Methodists in the Gallatin Valley, we spread love and support however we can, even in these uncertain times of COVID-19. Join us for two weeks of education, action, self care and prayer as we focus on the reality of mental health and the different illnesses individuals struggle with everyday.

The action-focused part will begin on August 30th with a BUMC/LWUMC walk to support suicide awareness and prevention. We will meet at Bozeman Beach by the gazebo and walk as a community and provide action bags to encourage our members to get involved.

The “week” will end on the AFSP Bozeman Suicide Walk day, Sept. 12. We will have a fun wrap-up event during our September 13th Amazing (g)Race kickoff!

Below is our calendar, with brief descriptions for each day. It is important to note that each day we will be highlighting a different mental illness we have selected as part of our education component (we cannot highlight them all, unfortunately). These are also in the calendar so you can be prepared ahead of time; we know some of these topics are very sensitive to some, and we want to accommodate that as much as we can. 

14-Day Calendar

August 30th

BUMC/LWUMC Community Walk at Bozeman Beach, 11:30am

Join us for our own version of the AFSP Suicide Awareness Walk as a church community. We will meet at the gazebo at Bozeman Beach and you will be able to choose from three routes for the walk. We will also provide you with "action bags", which contain resources of local and nationwide organizations and information about our upcoming event.  

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Depression

August 31st

Book and Podcast Day. Link to books here, and podcasts here.

Read about and listen to stories of mental health. The podcasts are grouped by age recommendation. The books are curated to match the mental illnesses we are highlighting. They range in middle grade, young adult, adult and nonfiction, though most of them will be young adult fiction. If you would like a specific book recommendation (i.e for a specific age, or a nonfiction piece), please email Allie at office@bozemanumc.org and she will find some for you!

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Anxiety and Panic Disorders

September 1st

BIPOC/Minority Mental Health Day

Learn about how mental health can affect our minority and BIPOC populations. Take the day to also enjoy your new reads or podcasts you've picked out!

Today's Mental Illness Focus: ADHD

September 2nd

Outdoor Meditation Service. Living Waters UMC Lawn, 7pm

A spin-off of the outdoor prayer services we’ve been doing for the month of August, come join us for mindfulness practices and learn how your mental health and your spirituality connect. Recommended to bring a journal.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Autism

September 3rd

LGBTQ+ Mental Health Day. Learn about it here

Learn about how mental affects the LGBTQ+ community. Also, let us know what books or podcasts you've been enjoying so far on our social media posts today!

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Eating Disorders

September 4th

Movie Night In BUMC Sanctuary: Inside Out, 7pm

Join us Friday evening at 7pm for a free, educational screening of Inside Out in BUMC's sanctuary! Please wear your masks, be socially distanced and no filming of the movie! Children are welcome. No food or drinks will be provided, so please feel free to bring your own!

Check out our own book/tv/youtube shorts list for your own watching here.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Bipolar Disorder

September 5th

Get Outside Day! Outdoor List here

The great outdoors is an important resource for your mental health, so today we challenge you to get outside and find your inner peace! We curated a suggested list of activities and places to go, which you can find here.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Borderline Personality Disorder

September 6th

Family Day Camp

Join the fun at Family camp beginning at 10:00 AM at Luccock Park Camp! We will be taking a deep breath, enjoying the mountains and each other. Also, you'll get to tie dye a United in Darkness shirt! 

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

September 7th

Affirmation Day

Write a nice note for Hays-Lodge Pole kids to drop off when we deliver the rest of the supplies we’ve gathered for them! If you’d like, also write a nice note for someone you love, and one for a complete stranger. Loving, caring words have a bigger impact than you think!

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Schizophrenia

September 8th

Legislation and Advocacy Day

Learn about the different legislation in place to help provide mental health resources nationwide, and what you can do to support better practices for the future. Our curated list for this can be found here.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Substance Abuse Disorders

September 9th

Impacted by Suicide Group and Self-Care at Home Day

If you have been impacted by suicide in your life, and would like some extra support in these times, join Pastor Amy of BUMC for a small group conversation. Also, take this day to practice self-care at home.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Depersonalization Disorder 

September 10th

Supply Drive Day

Grab your supply drive donations and/or drop them off at BUMC. Call the office for drop off (406)-586-5413. TBD MORE INFO

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Suicidal Ideation and Self-injury

September 11th

Veterans Mental Health Day

Learn about the impact of mental health on our veterans. Link here

Today's Mental Illness Focus: PTSD and Dissociation

September 12th

AFSP Out Of The Darkness Walk Event

Join us for AFSP’s official Suicide Awareness Day walk event (details to come). This will be some sort of virtual event.

Today's Mental Illness Focus: Delirium

September 13th

Amazing (g)race Kickoff Event 11:30am-1:30pm

Our BUMC/LWUMC kickoff event is today! Please join us as we will have an activity for you to participate in that will signify the wrap-up of our two weeks of Mental Health Mindfulness

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